Alexis Ohanian Dating History

1 września, 2023


Alexis Ohanian, a reputation that resonates with the tech industry and the world of entrepreneurship, can additionally be well-known for his romantic relationships. From high-profile celebrities to completed entrepreneurs, Ohanian has had an intriguing relationship history that retains his followers guessing. In this article, we explore the love life and dating history of Alexis Ohanian, unraveling the tales and connections that have formed his private life.

The Serena Williams Era

A Chance Encounter

Alexis Ohanian’s most well-known relationship is with tennis superstar Serena Williams. Their romance began in 2015, and it rapidly captured the attention of the media and their fans. The story of how they met is a modern story of affection. Ohanian saw Williams in the resort lobby during breakfast and mustered up the courage to strategy her. It was an opportunity encounter that modified their lives endlessly.

Love Blossoms

Their relationship progressed quickly, and Ohanian accompanied Williams to the French Open in May 2015 as her guest. The couple made their first public appearance together, and rumors about their romantic involvement began swirling. Ohanian’s dedication to Williams and their budding love story was evident as he cheered her on from the stands during her matches.

A Grand Proposal

In December 2016, Ohanian proposed to Williams in the identical lodge in Rome the place they first met. He shocked her by taking her back to the desk they sat at throughout their preliminary encounter. With a rigorously curated playlist of the songs that held significance of their relationship, Ohanian received down on one knee and requested Williams to marry him.

Wedding Bells and Parenthood

Ohanian and Williams tied the knot on November 16, 2017, in a lavish ceremony attended by family and Go to these associates. The wedding was a fairytale affair, with movie star friends and a picture-perfect venue. In September 2017, the couple welcomed their first youngster, a daughter named Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. The birth of their daughter further solidified their relationship and added a brand new chapter to their love story.

The Pre-Serena Chapter

The Power of Reddit

Before Ohanian’s high-profile relationship with Serena Williams, he was already a widely known determine due to his co-founding of Reddit, the widely in style social news aggregation website. It was throughout his time at Reddit that Ohanian met and dated different notable people, some of whom played a big function in shaping his private life.

Sabriya Stukes: A College Sweetheart

During his time on the University of Virginia, Ohanian dated Sabriya Stukes. Stukes was his faculty sweetheart and stays an important a part of his past. Their relationship served as a basis for Ohanian’s personal growth and understanding of affection and companionship.

Phoebe Moyer: A Romantic Intertwining

Ohanian also had a romantic involvement with Phoebe Moyer, a microbiology Ph.D. pupil at the time. Their shared passions and intellectual connection led to a brief however impactful relationship. Moyer’s influence on Ohanian’s life can’t be understated, as she helped him navigate his private and skilled endeavors.


Alexis Ohanian’s relationship historical past is a testomony to his dynamic character and talent to form significant connections. From his early faculty relationships to his high-profile marriage to Serena Williams, Ohanian’s love life has been marked by moments that seize the imagination. Whether it is the possibility encounter with Williams in a resort or the grand proposal in Rome, Ohanian’s romantic escapades have adopted a script that rivals the most captivating love stories. Through all of it, Ohanian has remained true to himself, embracing the chances that life and love have to offer.

So, the subsequent time you stumble upon a Reddit submit or watch a Serena Williams match, take a moment to understand the complex courting historical past that formed Alexis Ohanian into the man he’s at present.


Question 1: Was Alexis Ohanian married earlier than relationship Serena Williams?

No, Alexis Ohanian was not married earlier than dating Serena Williams. They obtained engaged in December 2016 and obtained married on November 16, 2017.

Question 2: Who was Alexis Ohanian’s first known girlfriend before Serena Williams?

Alexis Ohanian’s first recognized girlfriend before Serena Williams was Sabriya Stukes. They dated while they have been both attending the University of Virginia.

Question 3: Did Alexis Ohanian date any famous personalities earlier than Serena Williams?

There is no public info or data about Alexis Ohanian dating any well-known personalities before Serena Williams.

Question 4: How long have Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams been dating?

Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams have been relationship since 2015. They met in Rome, and their relationship rapidly grew from there.

Question 5: Was Alexis Ohanian ever involved in any high-profile relationships before Serena Williams?

No, there aren’t any recognized high-profile relationships associated with Alexis Ohanian earlier than he started relationship Serena Williams.

Question 6: Did Alexis Ohanian have any youngsters before getting married to Serena Williams?

No, Alexis Ohanian did not have any youngsters before getting married to Serena Williams. However, they have two kids together named Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. and Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. II.

Question 7: Are there any vital relationships in Alexis Ohanian’s dating historical past in addition to Serena Williams?

Serena Williams is the most important and well-known relationship in Alexis Ohanian’s relationship history. There is no noteworthy details about any other vital relationships previous to or throughout his relationship with Serena Williams.